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Aiyana McClellan | Mompreneur | Mindset & Marketing Coach | Desigh the Beautiful, Brilliant Bodacious Live, Brand and Business you desire and DESERVE!Alright, action taker! I am overjoyed that you've decided to take the next step to work with me, and there are a number of options, depending on your business goals.

You may be looking for a network marketing company to align yourself with (with a phenomenal team)

You could be interested in learning the marketing and mindset strategies needed to propel your current network marketing endeavor to the next level, and want to leverage a system, and training to teach you just that.

Or you may want one-on-one coaching in the marketing strategies needed to take any business to new heights. Someone to guide you, personally, along the journey.

…Well, I'm your gal, if any of those scenarios align with your desired goals.

If you are interested in a slightly different solution, please message me, so we may talk more about your specific needs.  Click here and let’s talk.

Over all my years in business, I’ve been introduced to many opportunities, systems, strategies, tools, products, etc., and when that is the case, you begin to learn what works for you, and others, and what doesn’t. That’s not to say that some of the strategies I’ve decided to let go of, or forego, don’t work, they just didn’t mesh with the way I prefer to do business.

There are some key things I look for when deciding to partner with someone/company/team, as well as the products I decide to utilize in my business — in no specific order.

  • A company that has shown stability – That stability could be in it’s longevity in the marketplace and/or it’s financial backing.
  • The Integrity of the company and its Leadership – They must support their people (inside staff and well as distributors). They have to stand by their product and they must have a heart to serve – the community, as well as their people.
  • A great product that is of high quality and adds value to the lives of the people who use it.
  • They should have a system in place that allows its representatives to learn more about the products, as well as how to promote them. The proper training and resources are invaluable to the growth of your business
  • Residual income is paramount, and the company should be open to, and up to date with the various forms of marketing & advertising – including the use of online marketing.
  • And the products must be appealing to the masses. One that people need, and will consume on a regular basis.
  • …and last but certainly not least, I must be PASSIONATE about the products, the company and it’s vision!

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Now that we’ve covered what I look for (and what you should look for) in a company, here is what I’m looking for in a partner:

First and foremost you MUST be a Go Getter!

I’m looking to partner with people who are highly motivated.
You’ve got to be a person who jumps in ready to take ACTION… MASSIVE Action!!
I’m only interested in working with the following:

  • Open Minded Individuals – Be open to a new way of doing things, if applicable. Some of what you are going to learn, when working with me, will be different from what you may be used to. You NEED to remain flexible, in your mindset, and thought processes, as we work toward the goals you are looking to attain.
  • Passionate Individuals — People who are persistent and have  the drive to see their dreams to fruition.
  • You MUST be Coachable – You need to be able to follow through on instructions, and training in order to see the results you desire.
  • You MUST subscribe to the NO EXCUSES concept — No Cry Babies allowed. Things happen in life. You have to be willing to dust yourself off, and get back in the ring.
  • Dependability is a requirement. Again, we know life happens, but be someone we can depend on and who holds themselves accountable.
  • You MUST invest in yourself, and your business through personal and professional development. There is no way to get around this, if you are going to become the person you need to be, in order to grow and support the type of business you desire and deserve — but ONLY if you are willing to put in the work, and INVEST in YOU INC.
  • If you are not willing to commit to your business in the long term, don’t get started. You MUST take Daily Consistent Action in order to see consistent results.
  • We ONLY want to surround ourselves with people who are Team Players & who are a pleasure to be around and work with — If you are a Negative Nelly, please don’t click that button below… PLEASE DON’T.

    If your ready to get to work, let's get this party started!

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