Recommended Business Tools for Marketing and Brand Building.

Business Tools are an essential foundation for marketing and branding any business,

or person in business,  especially if you are marketing online.

It All Starts With a Name.

If you are going to begin the journey, you have to have a home… a home on the web. You need to register for a domain name, and here's a great place. It's hassle free, and I've been using them for 5 years. They've improved, and I'm happy to say, I've referred others, who are also satisfied with the service NameCheap provides.
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More Sales, Less Overhead.

You MUST start building a list if you are going to grow your business. Email Marketing delivers the BEST ROI (Return On Investment).
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Need Additional Hosting?

If you are in need of additional hosting to host more than one website, then Hostgator is my trusted recommendation. I have been with them for 10 years, and have been satisfied.

“Everything You Thought You Knew About Building Authority Online is Wrong… Wrong… WRONG!”

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